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Connecting your future 


TelPro Communications

For 25 years, TelPro has successfully connected businesses throughout the Southeastern United States with all of their telecommunication needs. From multi-locational healthcare facilities to up-and-coming businesses, TelPro works with each customer individually to provide their unique needs.

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Customer Service

From the time a TelPro representative answers a customer’s first call, our primary objective is to do everything within our power to assure that the customer will be pleased with every aspect of our operation


We believe that customers deserve the very utmost value for their hard earned dollars. Though not always the lowest priced, We guarantee that our customers will be supplied with the very best service and materials.


 Training and consultations don’t end a day after installation. It is an ongoing process to find new and innovative ways of making a customer’s equipment work harder so they don’t have to.

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Our Services

Our Services

Security Cameras

Crime can happen not only to your business, but within your business. Security cameras help to protect your business.

Phone Systems 

Landline telephone services are a dependable and time-tested solution that every business will be comfortable with.


TelPro provides individualized designs to build a strong, structured foundation for your cabling infrastructure. 


TelPro technicians specialize in visual applications to keep your business technologically relevant.


"We are committed to providing the very best support to our customers." - Ron Windom  Owner


"Wonderful people and truly trustworthy and prompt service."
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Ready to find out more?

Call us today and learn more about how TelPro Communications can serve you and your business today 

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