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Audio Visual  Installation

Stay Relevant

Technology and communications: It’s what often separates successful companies from struggling companies. With TelPro’s solutions for business clients, a company can close the communications gap and remain ahead of its competitors through advanced technology.

TelPro technicians specialize in visual applications to keep your business technologically relevant. Audio and visual technology is a strong approach. In this regard, TelPro can adapt modern A/V technology for a client of any size and in any industry.

Audio/Visual Solutions that might help your business:

  • Sound System installation for background music

  • P.A. Systems

  • Televisions for menus, entertainment, or other information

  • Projectors for video conferences or staff meetings

We Provide Service For:

Professional Audio Video Designs for Business:

Red Chairs
Reception/Waiting Areas

Reception areas and waiting rooms have been proven to stress clients and patients, but with interesting video displays or television installations, you can help keep them engaged while they wait.

The average person waits 20 minutes to before being seen for their appointment. During that time, businesses and healthcare providers have an excellent opportunity to enhance relationships with their patients and clients. TelPro offers a full range of waiting room media system installation services for businesses and medical offices. From flat-panel LED TV installation to enhance waiting room experiences for patients and clients, or audio systems for background music, we will make sure your client’s experience is elevated.

Sports Bar

A modern audio-visual system can take your restaurant, retail space or church to a higher level of entertainment.  Customers can relax and enjoy their experience with background music at a comfortable level to enhance the ambiance or entertain themselves through interesting visual content from display screens or interactive panels. Informational screens can be installed and programmed to reduce perceived wait time in restaurants or to provide public information, such as news or weather for travelers and guests.

To stay ahead and remain relevant, retail stores and restaurants are often at the forefront of A/V technology adoption throughout their locations. Whether it’s a TV installation or powerful background music loop, space planning specialists have frequently pointed to better audio visual integration as a source of improvement to experience at their location.

Image by Humphrey Muleba
Fitness Centers

Modern workout spaces need state-of-the-art audio visual equipment to help engage their clientele while working out. Audio visual systems provide access to workout videos, entertainment, or background music to improve your client's workout experience. Telpro can provide an expertly designed audio-visual system that will solidify your reputation with clientele seeking a state-of-the-art fitness facility.


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