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Security Camera

Security Camera

Considering Installing Security Cameras in Your Business? 

Any business can be the target for a crime or theft. Many businesses, especially smaller ones, have very often do not have security cameras in place. There are many reasons why your business should consider having them installed. Crime can happen not only to your business, but within your business. Security cameras help to protect your business. You can not only protect your merchandise and company information, but also the employees who work for you.

All things are not created equal. There are affordable solutions, using just the right fit based on the needs of your business. With security cameras installed at your place of business you can help to mitigate losses should they occur.

Three of the primary reasons businesses choose to have security cameras installed are:

1. Monitor Employees: Unfortunately, many times security cameras help to catch unethical employees. Billions of dollars in losses are reported from current employees. Simply having cameras installed can help to create a sense of accountability for the people who work for your business.

2. Protection from legal action: Fraudulent legal action happens all too often. Security camera footage is hard to dispute when it comes to legal claims against your business. Your company assets and reputation are important. This can offer you additional legal peace of mind if you find yourself in a courtroom.

3. Prevent outside theft: When your business has strategically placed cameras, many thieves take notice and are discouraged from seeking opportunities to steal from you. Additionally, these cameras offer a sense of safety for the patrons of your business.

Check out more information in this great article here.

Considerations for choosing the right security camera:

Sometimes companies never seek to fully understand the video security options available to them. There are many options and it is paramount to understand what is available and the specifications that will be the best fit your company needs. You will want to consider the camera’s field of view, resolution, and storage capabilities among other specifications.


At TelPro, we examine the needs of your business, find the right equipment and install your security cameras. We will go over all of the details with you.

Contact TelPro today for more information on Security Camera installation and protect your business.

  1. How many cameras will I need?

  2. How many megapixels do I need?

  3. How long should I store the footage?

  4. How much storage space is required to store the footage?

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Security Cameras

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